´╗┐FREE PRESENTATION REVIEW: IS your presentation telling the right story? 

Prezi is a great tool. It gives you the ability to create an incredible visual aid for your presentation. However, a presentation that highlights a tool's power sometimes doesn't help us to articulate what we want an audience to walk away with when we are finished presenting.

What You Will Get:

  • Objective analysis for the story your presentation is telling.
  • How well you are using the features of your presentation tool.
  • Three examples of simple changes that will improve your story
  • Suggestions on how to make your presentation more memorable.
  • Evaluation of whether or not you are using the right presentation style for your audience.
  • BONUS: Three suggestions for repurposing your presentation to create more content.
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  1. You will provide a public LINK to your presentation
  2. You will answer some simple questions about your presentation and your targeted audience.
  3. I will do a detailed review and analysis of your presentation 
  4. Pick a time that is convenient for you for us to review the results of the presentation review. 
  5. We will connect over a FREE call (up to a full hour) to review the results and help understand the best way to implement the improvement suggestions. 

Your story is even bigger than you can possibly imagine. It is dramatic and impacts the lives of those you seek to serve. Tell that story, and you will improve your ability to connect with your audience.  Tell that story, and you will get more deals into and through your sales process more quickly. More awareness. More conversations with more of the right people and more sales.

I've helped juggernauts like SAP and Oracle as well as the coach and solo-preneur. Let me help you with a FREE presentation review..