increasing Portfolio company value by getting more into and through the pipeline 

Whether the strategy is profitability through cost reduction, revenue growth, or a combination of the two this webinar will help the companies in your portfolio do both

Wednesday December 21

12:30 PM Eastern

The Webinar

Learn an approach that will help your portfolio companies leverage smart use of media, focused sales enablement, and simple marketplace awareness strategies to get more into and through the sales process....with no increase in marketing budget.


  • The most cost effective (and simplest) way to generate awareness.

  • How marketing can help sales get more into and through the pipeline

  • Sales enabling techniques that will accelerate the deal cycle.

  • Improving the efficiency of the marketing team

Your Host has over 20 years of strategic marketing execution, helping clients get crazy amounts of awareness, a bigger pipeline, and faster revenue. He has done it for juggernauts like SAP, medium sized businesses, and small startups


Joel Capperella

Principal, Capperella Strategies, llc.​

Register ONLY if you answer YES to at least one of these questions.  

  • Are any of your portfolio companies in technology, SaaS, enterprise software, or professional services.?
  • Is the average length of the sales cycle greater than four weeks for any of the companies in your portfolio?
  • Is marketing leadership at any of your companies focused on tactical demand generating campaign activity?
  • Are any of your portfolio companies employing a content marketing approach?

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