#62 Craig Ballantyne

The coaching industry has exploded in the past several years, and by most accounts, it is a nearly a $2 billion industry. On today’s episodes, we speak with one of the practitioners in the market who not only knows what they are doing but does it extremely well. Our guest is Craig Ballantyne, and I’m certain you’re going to be glad to meet him.

I’m fascinated by the coaching industry, not only because it has grown like wildfire over the last couple of years, but because it is a literally a wild west market where the buyer must beware. The seemingly sad truth of the industry is that there are far more not so great ‘coaches’ out there than there are exceptional coaches. Fortunately for you, we have one of the later on the show today, Craig Ballantyne. And we waste no time asking him to help the potential consumer of coaching services improve their ability to discern between the good and the bad.

Craig is fantastic, he is straight forward, and he pulls no punches his approach. Is it mindset? Yes, it is mindset, but mindset can’t happen unless we’re serious about building the habits to create the right mindset. There are some hard choices in developing those habits, Craig says, but no apologies for that. Improvement demands sacrifice.

Craig covers the necessity of committing not to do the things you should not be doing. He helps you quickly discern what should be on your not to do list. He will help you apply the approach of continued skill development whether you are the leader of a business or just the leader of your own personal career development.

You will learn quite a bit from this episode with Craig, enjoy.

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