#66 Joel Comm

This conversation with Joel Comm, best selling author, keynote speaker and host of one of the world’s most popular Cryptocurrency podcasts, is fascinating. A fearless practitioner of the new, Comm takes on new projects and executes on new ideas more frequently than most people change their bed sheets.

The results have been impressive; from early bestselling books on Adwords and Twitter, the aforementioned Cryptocurrency podcast, and one of the leading influencers on applying live streaming, Comm’s relentless pursuit of innovation and relevance have helped thousands.

I was very thankful to have had him on the show, and I think you’re going to enjoy getting to know him. He’s not shy about his opinions, peppers his perspective with colorful anecdotes, and rather than be authoritative, offers what has worked for him, allowing his audience to determine if his approach applies.

Here are some of the topics we covered

  • The temptation to settle for mediocrity
  • The difference being different makes
  • Why fear doesn’t belong in business
  • The unlikely success of his cryptocurrency podcast
  • Using foul language in the professional setting

I think you’ll love the episode, let me know what you thin and let Joel Comm know you heard him on Leading Matters.

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