Can’t Miss Minute: Christine Comaford

On this week’s Leading Matters Christine Comaford had a Can’t Miss Minute about the importance of story in our marketing.  It matters, it expands the identity of our prospect, and it is our job to find our story and clearly and effectively communicate that story to our marketplace.

Listen to this CAN’T MISS MINUTE from Christine Comaford, and catch the full episode of Leading Matters with Christine Comaford here.

“We can reach and get people connected, get them to act get them to convert and then get them to be vibrant evangelistic tribe members by expanding their identity, this is important, we can expand the identity of the prospect of the customer ofchristine-comaford-on-leading-matters the team member of the leader by tellingthem enough good stories that they resonate with. We all know deep deep inside that we can do more be more shine more brightly but often most of us didn’t get the memo. Most of weren’t raised by parents that put sticky notes all over the house that said “You’re awesome” we got the message that we were ok but we didn’t get the message that we were remarkable. It is our opportunity to help people rise and see new vantage points if you will new possibilities and story is a great way to do that because it talks so deeply to the brain.”

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