Can’t’ Miss Minute with Daniel Newman

Daniel Newman was my guest on Leading Matters recently, this can’t miss minute from him underscores the reality we face in our business where our communications are concerned.  A challenge that demands we go a little deeper and engage a little more (a lot more?) personally with our audience.

Here’s the audio file:

But the amount of information available to use is on the exponential curve, and it’s a line that started off kind of a little bit below the line of amount of information that we can consume and it has crossed over and it is now shooting almost straight up to the moon.

And so everything that is in between there is all this information that we can’t seem to grasp daniel-newman-on-leading-mattersand so this is opening the world up to new technologies, this is where artificial intelligence is going to play a huge role.  But this is also what has us chasing constant feedback and constant response and most of us as social creatures are looking for feedback from the world.  So we don’t necessarily look to get deeper in our feedback we look to get more of it.  This is where all the social proofs, you know likes and retweets and engagement come in and overwhelm us and as companies and as marketers, who are just people behind the curtain of organizations we are looking for that validation from the marketplace.  Which again pulls us into doing more content into being more accessible but doesn’t necessarily pull us into being more thoughtful or more engaging

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