Can’t Miss Minute with Marcus Sheridan

On this week’s episode of Leading matters my guest Marcus Sheridan challenged marketers to change their perspective on their craft and place the sales funnel ahead of the marketing funnel.  In this can’t miss minute Marcus offers up one easy to accomplish tactic that will help you make an immediate impact on sales through video marketing.

Generally speaking if you sell a particular product or service 80% of the questions that you get on that first meet are the same questions.  And so if you embrace video based content marketing you say ok we are going to answer these 80% of the [same] questions that we get and we are going to make sure before we get there [for the first sales call] that this person has at marcus-sheridan-and-joel-capperellaleast been delivered the videos, and they have been given the chance to watch them in fact we challenge them to watch them before we come out.  And so that is using content to either push people down or out of the funnel as soon as possible.  That in and of itself can create results immediately.  Immediately.  And it is not discussed enough.

And the second element to this immediate results is that as soon as you start to integrate your sales team as subject matter experts and have them producing content they naturally become better at their job.

-Marcus Sheridan

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