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Creating More Sales Opportunities Without Mortgaging the Future

Creating more sales opportunities is always critical, it is especially critical for publicly traded companies.  But a funny thing happens when we get so zeroed in on the immediate demand of generating more sales and ...
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Does The Social Media Platform Matter?

Does the social media platform matter? The short answer is that it does, but the more nuanced answer is that we really should not let the social media platform be an obstacle to creation.  In ...
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Take Talking Head Advice with a Grain of Salt

There are so many talking heads that popup in our social media feeds these days, all offering up their wisdom on how we should approach the use of media in our professional lives. And let’s ...
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Simple Content Marketing Creativity #capscarcast 50

Content marketing creativity is easier than you think.  You are most likely creating plenty of content, you have a process that you are following, and you know what your capacity to create is. Easy?  Yes, ...
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Use Your Content Marketing Words

Yes it is true that attention is at a premium these days. You have all of one maybe two seconds tops to grab the attention of your audience enough so they’ll make a decision to spend ...
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Creating Content That Keeps the Customer’s Value Centric

I love when I see someone stepping out on a limb to take a shot at some original content creation. Firing up the camera on their phone and shooting a video, tapping out their first ...
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