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You are creating content but is it working? Is it helping you have the right conversations with the right people? Your FREE content alignment review will help you to determine . . . .

  • What story you are telling to your marketplace.
  • Where your story is on the marketing story matrix.
  • How well your content is aligned with your targeted audience.
  • What part of your marketing funnel your content covers.
  • How well your content is aligned to your sales conversations.
  • The steps to take that will immediately help you get more engagement with the right people.
  • Where your content strengths lie and how to get more from those strengths.
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You are writing blog posts, maybe doing some live video here and there and even having success getting on a podcast or two. All good stuff. But what I have discovered in the course of my own business journey is that entrepreneurs and small business owners frequently hit one of two obstacles.  Confidence and plateaus.

CONFIDENCE: Early on they are plagued by the demon of self-doubt. Thoughts like “Am I kidding myself with this?” or “Was that last client a fluke” are constantly bouncing around their heads. If you are in this group, you are a MOMENTUM SEEKER. You KNOW you have it in you, but you just need a little positive MO.

PLATEAUS: And as they finally get past the early stages of their business they begin to hit plateaus. No matter how much effort they put into the business, their growth remains flat. They never seem to break out and really speed up their success. If this is more like you then you are what I like to call a PLATEAU BREAKER.

The good news is that whether you are a MOMENTUM SEEKER or a PLATEAU BREAKER the same solution addresses both situations.

Tell a bigger story.

If you are able to do that then you’ll get more conversations with more of the right people. . . and you’ll close more business.

More leads.  More Business.  More quickly.

Look, never before in the history of business have we as entrepreneurs had an opportunity to own our little slice of media. But we can’t do that unless our content approach is really tight. The content alignment review will help you improve your content game more than you thought possible.


  • Are you a coach, entrepreneur or small business owner?
  • Do you have a website, blog, or Facebook page for your business?
  • Are you using any of the following to communicate to your audience: blog posts, podcasts, presentations, talks, video?
  • Are you frustrated with the amount of content that you are producing?
  • Do you feel like your content misses the mark
  • Do you want to use your content to help you have more conversations with more of the right people?
  • Do you struggle with the confidence you have in your ability to deliver for your clients?
  • Are you afraid of creating boring ‘me too’ content?
  • Do you want to stand out in a crowded marketplace but not quite sure how to do that? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions the Content Alignment Review will absolutely help you. 


Aron ChoiNaturopathic Physician

My content alignment review with Joel was a total eye opener! This is a great opportunity to get objective feedback on your content if you feel like you are shooting in the dark with your content strategy. He gave me specific strategies to clarify my business narrative and a framework for thinking about all of it.

Gosia Potoczna Brand Strategist 

I'm amazed! Joel is able to synthesize & present ideas in a very clear way. I love how he extracts the essence of an influencer's story.Got an aha moment with momentum seekers / plateau breakers.The examples he is using illustrate that Joel walks the talk!

Alexis Fedor Business Designer

Joel's analysis of your content goes beyond what any initial "strategy session" could offer in terms of depth, understanding of your ideal client and your goals as a business owner. I was quite frankly blown away by his commitment to learning as much as he did about my clients, my courses and the kind of high-level coaching I offer. There was never a moment when I felt Joel was not listening intently to what I was telling him about my clients. When it came to his final feedback, I was taken on a journey through my entire business plan and how my content could be better positioned to enhance my plan to best benefit those I serve. I immediately felt more confident that I was heading in the right direction, and certain that his analysis would help get me there quicker. I couldn't be more grateful to Joel for his time, expertise and genuine interest in helping my business grow through the use of quality content.

Your story is even bigger than you can possibly imagine. It is dramatic and impacts the lives of those you seek to serve. Tell that story, and you will get a crazy amount of awareness. Tell that story, and you will get more deals into and through your sales process more quickly. More awareness. More conversations with more of the right people and more sales.

I've helped juggernauts like SAP and Oracle as well as the coach and solo-preneur. Let me help you with a FREE content alignment review.