Creating More Sales Opportunities Without Mortgaging the Future

Creating more sales opportunities is always critical, it is especially critical for publicly traded companies.  But a funny thing happens when we get so zeroed in on the immediate demand of generating more sales and more revenue, out future gets lost.  Or at least it could get lost if we are not careful.

This is the topic on this ride of Cap’s Car Cast (#letsdrive) – how to generate more sales opportunities without mortgaging the future

What drives this exchange of long term strategy for short term gain?


What are we afraid of?  Well mostly we are worried that we will not have the resources to address the content creation needs to drive a top line narrative, a compelling message that we want to be known for.  When this happens we typically fall into the trap of just paying an outside service provider handsomely to craft our message for us.  But not just craft it, more often than now we are handing over the nurturing of that message with constant content creation. When we do this our message is watered down, less authentic, and can be poorly aligned to what we are ultimately trying to sell.

We also have fear over whether or not that long term messaging investment will have an impact on sales in the here and now.

That last one pushes us to focus almost exclusively on the current pipeline and doing whatever we have to to drive it in the right direction.  Along the way, however, we loose site of the fact that we are trading any long term strategy execution for the short term fix of a healthy pipeline.

We need to do both, and it can be done.  How?  Well that is the point of the car cast today, figuring out how to create more sales opportunities without leveraging the future.

tl;dr (1) take your message seriously and have something that you are about (2) Re-commit to strategy and how it is connected from the top to bottom of your efforts (3) make sure that even if you are running something today to immediately impact pipeline that it is aligned to the greater message.


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