Do Every Single Thing Gary Vaynerchuk Tells You to Do

Every single thing that Gary Vaynerchuk does and says you should be putting into practice. That should be the full extent of this post; listen to Gary Vaynerchuk and do what he says to do.

What motivates this seemingly thousandth iteration of telling you to listen to GaryVee? I tuned in to this half hour conversation between Hubspot CEO Brian Halligan and Gary Vaynerchuk as part of Hubspot’s Four Days of Facebook promotion. And about five minutes into it I’m was blown away yet again for the wisdom that the man continuously shares, and amazed anew at how well he executes on his vision.

If you think that this is just silly fanboy nonsense coming from a man too old to be one, search for “Gary Vee’s Monthly Wine Club”. Realize that this new wine club that Gary has recently launched will quite likely be the largest selling wine club of its kind in 12 months or less. The sort of growth it will achieve is the makings of a successful small business that any would be entrepreneur would kill for, but it will just be a tiny jewel in the crown of Vaynerchuk’s business investments. And also understand that the growth will be made possible because of the massive brand equity and media mastery Vaynerchuk has accumulated over the last decade plus.

The mistake too many make when it comes to Vaynerchuk is that they confuse his brash hustle entrepreneur mantra as the typical surface wisdom you can get from dozens if not thousands of similar social media personalities. This is unfortunate because if one fails to get past what they see as bluster, they will realize that this man’s brilliance is first and foremost oriented in sales and the ability to execute to sell. Is Vaynerchuk about media, well sure, but he’s about selling stuff first. And Vaynerchuk is about relentlessly executing the tactics necessary to sell. The media, in his eyes, is merely the conduit that allows him to do both.

I want you to read that again because ultimately I don’t care if you are in a charitable nonprofit or the most ruthless revenue grabbing business that may exist. . . selling is the single most important thing that keeps the business both alive and growing.

I will never stop underscoring the power of Vaynerchuk’s wisdom and expertise because there are not many that put into practice the mastery of media the way that he teaches it. I work with businesses of all sizes, and I have not come across one yet that truly and sincerely understands what they must do to own their little slice of the media pie in their industry. And even if they do give a nod to owned media they don’t connect that media to every single facet of their operations. And they certainly don’t understand that overlaying media across every operational area of the business ultimately improves the ability of the business to sell. Along the way this sort of media investment helps improve things such as customer advocacy, talent acquisition, employee engagement, employment brand, culture, and on and on.

The company that fails to see media through the eyes of Gary Vaynerchuk’s wisdom have one thing in common. They are all stuck in demand generation waterfalls, inbound lead qualification, marketing automation analytics, CRM process flow, etc. etc. etc. In other words internally and somewhat myopically focused on operational tactics. This is not to suggest these operational tactics are not important, they certainly are. But too many become enslaved to the tyranny of these tactics and miss time and again the opportunity to open their doors and windows to let in the light of their marketplace in a way that better connects them to their customers. That draws attention and earns the company the right to be the go to expert, the voice of their marketplace’s interests.

Watch what Vaynerchuk does. Tune into his Q&A show at least once a week, trade his Daily Vee vlog for whatever your currently binging on in Netflix this weekend, add his podcast to your listen list, check out his Instagram stories and pay particular attention to his Instagram Live offerings. You’ll learn something that you can put into practice immediately. And you’ll be on your way to unlocking the value that media mastery has for your business.

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