Four Types of Content Creators

There are four types of content creators, the entrepreneur or small business owner must identify which of the four types they are. More specifically the entrepreneur or small business owner needs to identify which content creator they are capable of being.

Content marketing has been around as a standard approach for well over a decade. The technology landscape supporting content marketing has matured to a point where now the second wave of solutions is starting to appear on the marketplace. The vast array of software that supports content marketing and media channels over which content can be broadcast make the discipline of content marketing seem daunting. Especially true for individuals or smaller companies that do not have huge marketing teams to get the work of content creation taken care.

As daunting as the landscape may seem if we identify which type of content creator we are we can immediately begin to increase our content production. And do so in a way that will naturally compliment every other aspect of our business. By leveraging our natural strengths, content development becomes more than just focused efforts to generate demand; it becomes the foundation for the way we communicate to our marketplace, our prospects and our customers.

The four types of content creators: Networker, Speaker, Writers, Visualizer.

The Networker
The networker feels most at home in a crowd of new people to talk to, energized by the exchange of ideas, anecdotes, and speculation. They take away from every conversation new information feeling appreciative for the opportunity to have learned it. They know the value of a professional network and work diligently to nurture their own.

The networker content creator type is defined by the invaluable opportunity to share lessons content-creatorslearned. The skill of expanding one’s professional reach is accompanied by very real and practical perspective. Communicating these perspectives and inviting others to consider them is some of the best content one can produce.

The Speaker
The speaker is comfortable talking about that which they know. They are clear and articulate verbal communicators who relish any opportunity to share the information they have with others. Whether or not they are comfortable using their verbal skill in front of crowds is inconsequential. The skill is in their verbal mastery.

The speaker content creator type needs to be put in front of a camera asap. Video marketing is everywhere, getting bigger, and is the best platform if speaking is a strength. Don’t overthink it, just hit record and get the video marketing game moving.

The Writer
The obvious one, but let’s shed a little more light on who the writer is. They don’t sweat writing, not for a second. They are pleased to wordsmith and make quick work of it. The writer can bang out 500 words as quickly as most could explain something verbally, and in most cases will cover the topic in greater depth.

The writer content creator type needs to be unleashed to do just that, write. They need to be encouraged to sit down and type out the words that describe some element that the company is desperate to communicate. And they must write frequently. The great news is the digitally written word can be shared over just about any platform.

The Visualizer
These are the people that need to show you a picture to get the point across. You know the visualizer when they not only show the picture, but you are blown away by how clear the message is the instant you see it. The visualizer looks at every single digital tool and figures out a way to use it to paint a clearer picture.

The visual content creator can hone their craft by taking more traditional, and most likely existing forms of content, and repurpose it in a graphical manner. The visualizer must nurture their skill by literally drawing every conceptual idea embedded in what the company is trying to offer to the marketplace. They must embrace their designer’s eye to consistently and frequently offer up the story optically.

So which one are you? Odds are that of the four one of them is a more natural strength for you. Find which one it is and get busy nurturing the skill and producing the content. You will be stunned by not only how quickly you can deliver, but also by how much fun you’ll have in the creative process.


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