Leading Matters #1: Jay Capperella Franchise Sale Executive

Today I’m happy to introduce something new that I’ve been working on. Leading Matters. Leading Matters is my podcast where I interview business leaders across industries and the country (though candidly we’ll probably focus in the Philadelphia region in the beginning). The intent is simple; give business leaders a platform to share their insight on their business models and what is working for them, and listeners and opportunity to learn from them. Consider it an audio meetup of sorts.

Why? To answer that I feel it necessary to first share that over the last five plus years I’ve gained

Jay Capperella

so much value from reading, listening to, watching, or following on social media business people who have had great success. Secondly I’m sincerely motivated by creating content from a selfless perspective. That is to do so for the soul purpose of providing something of value to anyone who might come in contact with the content.   With that in mind I wanted to do something a little different than what was already out there and what I listened. There are plenty of content marketing, public relations, entrepreneur and sales podcasts and blogs, but I had not come across one that provided access and insight to the key elements of business leadership (if you know of one please share it in the comments!).   So I set out to fill that gap. I hope you like it and gain value from it!

OK now on to episode #1. To get going I thought I’d ask someone close to me who wouldn’t mind the rough patches of doing this sort of thing for the first time. So I asked my brother Jay Capperella to join me. Jay is a franchise sales executive with over 20 years in moving franchises of all sorts, from real estate to hair saloons. His expertise in the business of selling franchises is both broad and deep. The franchise model is so unique but unfortunately not covered very well by any business outlet or media. In this episode Jay discusses what potential franchisees are looking for when they buy, the value add of a solid marketing plan to a franchisor, and the nuance of keeping communication consistent from the franchisor to the franchisee.

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