Leading Matters #55 Matthew McDarby

Matt McDarby, a top notch sales leadership coach, is today’s guest on Leading Matters.  It is essential, he says, to trust the sales process.  Marketing can and should help sales reps have more of the right conversations to answer one key question; where is my prospect in their decision making?

One of the most insightful and viscerally  tactical discussions marrying strategy to execution that has perhaps ever occurred on Leading Matters. This conversation is going to spark you to action. It is going to motivate you to own the early stages of your sales process in a way that you have never tried to own it before.  Matt masterfully explains the mechanics of the process, and why it is important for the sales professional to make their strengths well known.  This should all be music to any marketing professionals ears.  The dramatic reality of how sales fills their pipeline and increases their prospect engagement will immediately help you create content that assists the sales professional.

This one is right for anyone who cares about their top line.  Whether you are a solo-preneur, small business leader, or a member of a large global organization, you’l be glad you listened to this chat with Matt McDarby.


Why The Marketing to Sales Gap Exists (and is getting worse)
Sales has a process, especially when the sale is more than just a transaction. That process must be followed the way a great golfer follows and trust swing mechanics. Marketing would do well to learn the process their sales peers are using.

Where Our Prospect Is In Their Decision Making Matters Quite a Bit
The information that comes from the digital footprint of the prospect doing their research on our site, or matt-mcdarbyengaging with us via social media is valuable. But it does not always make it clear where the prospect is in their decision making. In fact it is rare that a marketing qualified lead turned sales qualified has this information. Uncovering this nuance is critical to the sales team’s effort to get a lead into the sales process.

Help Sales Help Themselves
Sales professionals get even better when they can show legitimate understanding of their prospect’s industry and needs. Not just the black and white on a marketing piece or blog post, but the dramatic anecdotes that a prospect experiences every day. This is where marketing can better serve their sales peers.

Make it Accessible or it Doesn’t Exist
The content has to be accessible to the marketplace, but also to the sales team. Plain and real language that makes it easy to grasp the perspective that the sales team wants to project.

Hidden Value of Content Driven Networking
Our content has the added benefit of helping the sales pro make it clear to their network what they are all about and what they are good at.

Understand the Sales Swing

Good sales organizations are using a process. They have their stages defined, and management knows what they need to measure. It is a good idea for marketing to intimately understand what that process is and how they can craft their message to perfectly align with the early stages of the sales funnel.

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