Leading Matters #56 Jeroen Corthout

Jeroen Corthout is on a mission to use technology not simply to automate but to inject humanity back into the sales process. He has co-founded Salesflare, a CRM SaaS offering, that is focused on making it easy for sales to do their job.

A much more tactically focused deep dive today on Leading Matters, focusing on some of the under-discussed challenges to sales that have been borne of decades of sales and marketing automation.


CRM 3.0
In the 80s software that helped the average sales professional was structured around one concept, make it east to manage and build a network. Jeroen believes sales automation has moved away from making it easy for sales to build the relationships they need to succeed. This is what motivated the founding of Salesflare.

Large Enterprise Can Learn from Smaller Sales and Marketing Teams
The well-oiled machinery of the large enterprise sales and marketing teams delivers tremendous value, butjeroen corthout post on leading matters along the way, there is a risk of a gap emerging between the two. The best way to avoid the gap? Turn to the lessons learned from smaller and more nimble sales and marketing teams.

The Sales Professional Should Consider the Power of Personal Branding.
Personal branding is not just for the would-be executive coach; the sales pro can gain much investing in their public reflection of their expertise.

Investment in Sales Driven Relationship Development Enables Powerful Customer Service.
The SaaS sales model and solution carries a tremendous amount of valuable data. The sales professional, having access to that data, can leverage that data to ensure more healthy customer deployments

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How to Work Less, Sell More, and be More Human

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