Leading Matters #57 Dean Vagnozzi

Today’s guest on Leading Matters is Dean Vagnozzi, a prolific salesman and incredibly successful personal finance professional. Dean’s field is littered with status quo advisors that go about their business serving clients the same way every other advisor serves. Dean is unapologetically different, and that has made all the difference for him and his clients.


Propelling Focus Towards That Which You Believe
Dean moved into his career because he was using the products he now sells. He believed in them, they were working for him, and he genuinely wanted to share the knowledge with as many as he could. The takeaway? If you are selling or marketing something you better have a genuinely positive feeling about it.

Success is Found In Constant Movement.
What is unique about Dean’s approach is that he is continuously reinventing how he connects with his audience. He is not afraid to test out new methods of marketing and customer engagement. Not everything works, but the power of the successes far outweigh the cost of the failures. Risk aversion is a growth killer.

Share All of the Details, ALL OF THEM
Educating the ideal client is never a bad idea. Dean is short on the typical how-to tips and click-baiting tricks that dominate the digital marketing landscape today, preferring in-depth content that answers absolutely every question a would-be client is likely to have.

The Best Retirement Vehicle? Yourself
Our abilities are the best source of growth for our personal income. Continuous education is something Dean has leveraged to ensure his long-term financial outlook has remained positive.

Show Notes
A Better Financial Plan
Download first three chapters of Dean’s Book

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