Leading Matters #61 – WE’RE BACK

Very excited to finally take Leading Matters off its summer long break and get this episode out to you today. There is no guest today; it’s just me. That’s right, yours truly offering you up some explanation about the break and sharing insight into where I intend to take the podcast in the future.

The goal of Leading Matters has always been to deliver to leaders of both today and tomorrow perspectives that perhaps they have not had the opportunity to consider. I set out to build an interview show and committed to present my audience a broad and variety packed slate of guests. I feel good about having achieved that goal, and overall am content with the quality of interviews.

In fact, I relisten to just about every episode. Yes, my podcast is one of my favorites because I gain so much from the stories, suggestions, expertise, and insight from my guests.

I have come to that conclusion because of the experience I just went through trying to retool the show. I intended to make the show more produced. Go beyond just an interview show to create more of a narrative, a guided discussion that centered on a point that I selected. But after producing an entire episode, I discovered that my point was never as valuable as what my guests shared real-time during the course of the interview.

So I have abandoned (almost completely) the notion of a more produced show and will double down on making Leading Matters one of the best business interview podcasts available.

BUT. . . there will be a new element to Leading Matters. Each week there will be two episodes released. One that is the entire interview and a second that I’m tentatively calling Leading Matters Framed. This second version will be shorter in length, twenty minutes max. And it will be the same conversation with my guest but framed in a way that illustrates the fact that any conversation can be positioned as you wish.

I’m looking forward to our time together and can’t wait to get feedback.

If you have any suggestions, comments, or guest ideas, please let me know at joel<at>joelcapperella.com. In the meantime enjoy episode one of this new season of Leading Matters.


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