Leading Matters #59 Shawn Quintero

Shawn Quintero is my guest today on Leading Matters. He is an author and entrepreneur focused on using positivity to help others advance their goals. He has built his business on the firm foundation of his Christian faith and works tirelessly to help fellow believers remove obstacles that prohibit their forward progress.

I love Shawn Quintero. He has such a unique and captivating personality and is unabashedly positive. He uses his personal experience and faith to fulfill a very grand mission, making no apologies for wearing his faith on his sleeve. Shawn is committed to not making himself a millionaire but earning millions to give it away.

Yes, you read that right.

You are going to gain much from our chat if you allow yourself to be pushed just a little bit out of your comfort zone. So do yourself a favor and listen to the entire episode I think you will be glad that you did. And more importantly, it is my guess that you will see those seemingly insurmountable obstacles that always seem to be in your way with a little more clarity and confidence.


Selflessly Self-Indulgent
Shawn attempts to pour himself out for others every single day. Showing those he knows, meets, and works with affirmation and positive energy. The irony? He finds that the more he empties himself, with no expectations what so ever, the more he receives in return.

The Million Dollar Mission
Shawn honestly sees beyond his personal income by placing his faith-based goals constantly centric. He sees earning more as a path to give more. The goal? Feed more, clothe more, educate more, serve more. There is an unmistakable joy in his voice when he speaks of this idea of lasting legacy.

The Common Obstacle that Leaves Many of Us Stuck
Dreaming is easy, but sometimes we settle for the dream and maybe even feel a little safe in keeping our dreams fantasy. Action is the antidote for this temptation to keep our desires present only in our dreams. Do something, anything, and even if it doesn’t work or doesn’t help the action of action jumpstarts progress.

Media Isn’t Your Friend
Our media feeds serve up only that which the algorithm thinks we want. And sadly many of us want a little fear or trepidation in our lives. We can combat this by committing to a consistent production of positive media that communicates what our efforts are all about.

Be Challenged By Trust
We have to have people in our lives, says Shawn, that are willing to call us out when we are maybe drifting afar from our positive progress. Not an easy task this trust thing, so get busy on figuring out who in your life you can trust to let you know when you’re a little difficult.

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