Simple Content Marketing Creativity #capscarcast 50

Content marketing creativity is easier than you think.  You are most likely creating plenty of content, you have a process that you are following, and you know what your capacity to create is. Easy?  Yes, content marketing creativity is easy, and in this episode of Cap’s Car Cast I’ll give you a quick example of how you can use the strengths of the tools you are using every day to inject just a little bit more creativity.

Does it take more time?  Yes, admittedly it does take more time.  For example on a normal Car Cast I can have video post production work done in about 30 minutes.  Thicontent marketing creativitys episode took me more than double the time to produce. BUT keep in mind this was the first time that I’ve walked through the process.  On average you can account for about at least a 25% greater time investment when you are looking to inject more content marketing creativity into your development efforts.

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