Take Talking Head Advice with a Grain of Salt

There are so many talking heads that popup in our social media feeds these days, all offering up their wisdom on how we should approach the use of media in our professional lives. And let’s be clear here Cap’s Car Cast is not really all that different.  After all it is a talking head, me, offering up advice and opinion on approaches you can take to better leverage media for your professional purposes. That irony is not at all lost on me. This is actually a big reason why I decided to start the car cast a couple of years ago, to help my viewers dive a little more deeply into the details that are necessary to exploit media.  The work that has to be done to inject our story, message, and positioning into everything we do.  THAT is what the ride is all about today


So how do we bring it down to a level of detail necessary?  Well first let’s be clear; you can’t wait for the detail to begin. Start to increase media use and make mistakes early and often.  But don’t stand still. Continuously improve and hone your story and message.  More importantly make sure that it is the priority of leadership that the media engine is fueled with strong positioning and purpose.

If you want an example of how we get into those details in the context of what we’re talking about in today’s drive, I’d encourage you to check out this webinar that I did for the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association on employment brand and recruiting (registration required).

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