The Thirst For Fair Opportunity Unites Us

I know I know. . .you want to tune in to my podcast Leading Matters but can never seem to find the time. Fear not this is exactly why I do the Can’t Miss Minute.  I want to give you a little taste of the show, a highlight from a recent episode.  Good for you because you get to listen to a single minute of audio that I think you’ll enjoy.  Good for me because I am pretty sure you’ll be inspired to listen to more of the full interview.

Today’s can’t miss minute is from my chat with Tayo Rockson.  We dove deeply into the topics of division and diversity.  Why we love our labels so much here in the United States, the importance of reading more than just what Facebook feels fit to serve you up on the daily, and the one true unifying reality for everyone that calls themselves American.  Enjoy.

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