Podcast Review: Full Monty Show by Scott Monty

There are two kind of people in the world, those that know Scott Monty‘s brilliance, and those that have not yet discovered him. This post is for both of groups, but mostly for the latter who owe it to themselves to get to know Scott Monty and gain from his insight and musings via his relatively new podcast The Full Monty Show. And if you are in the former group and haven’t checked out Scott’s podcast, it is my hope that this will inspire you to do so.

Scott has an impressive resume having spent time at the helm of Ford Motor Company’s global digital communication effort from 2008 to 2014. While with Ford he was involved in some of the most successful communication efforts in not only the automotive industry but indeed any industry at the time.

But more than his hands on experience Scott has the unique ability to identify in the digital montycommunication daily news churn that to which we should be paying attention. He has taken that valuable insight and shared it with his network for years via his weekly newsletter. Recently Scott has expanded the reach of the weekly newsletter, rebranded it The Full Monty, and turned it into a 15-minute podcast.

So is The Full Monty Show worth adding to your podcast playlist? Absolutely.

Scott explores two or three topics from his newsletter in detail. He shares why the story matters, and the considerations that we ought to give when considering the trend. The language in each episode is well thought out and clearly scripted which gives the show a more highly produced sound. In that, it is refreshingly different from so many of the casual chats that make up so many podcasts today.

Scott keeps each episode brief perhaps mindful that the average commute to and from work these days is under a cumulative hour. He also punctuates each episode with some relevant digital trivia that many times serves to underscore the rapid and never-ending change that we experience in digital communication.

Tune into Scott Monty’s The Full Monty Show when you have a chance. I believe you will be glad you did.

p.s. I had Scott on my show just last year, an episode worth listening to: Leading Matters #14 Scott Monty

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