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Find Your Hidden Media Mastery

There were well over 850 stories that featured some perspective on the millennial generation in the month of February alone (and we're only half way in at this writing), but not a one shares how ...
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Your Metrics Don’t Matter to Sales – So Ask Why

Ok so in today's episode I pass by two of my neighbors, one of which had to wait until I made my right hand turn because I didn't signal. #transparency. But actually what a great ...
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Mindfulness to Order Every Action Towards Purpose

On today's drive we'll talk about mindfulness. What is mindfulness? Well in this context it is a hypersensitivity to every single action to discern its purpose. What? Yeah a little wordy perhaps, but maybe the ...
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Opine Less and Listen More – The Value Diversity

The car cast today was motivated by the turmoil of the 2017 presidential inauguration and the massive protest that followed it one day later. My politics don't matter at all and neither do yours. No ...
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Your Media Strategy Needs Attention to Details

Here is the long and the short of it. I sold a pool table this week. I Had the table since my single days when playing pool into the wee hours of a weekend night ...
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The Only Video Marketing Tip You Need

Video must rest at the center of your marketing efforts. That is right, it must fuel everything you are doing in 2017. Why? Well take a ride on today's car cast and find out why ...
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