Leading Matters with Joel Capperella

The almost weekly podcast with host Joel Capperella.  Informative conversations with business leaders, authors, thought leaders and experts from across the country.  Discussing the mission, values and purpose (the MVP) of our business.  The Leading Matters podcast covers culture, strategy, talent acquisition, marketing, engagement and how to translate all of that into growth.  Add Leading Matters to your itunes or Sticher subscriptions. 

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Leading Matters #60 Grant Baldwin

There is a hidden treasure chest of value that can be mined from the rapidly growing online coaching industry and Grant Baldwin shares it today as my guest on Leading Matters. The online business, coaching and e-learning industry is huge at $107 Billion dollars. And that estimate was two years ...
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Leading Matters #59 Shawn Quintero

Shawn Quintero is my guest today on Leading Matters. He is an author and entrepreneur focused on using positivity to help others advance their goals. He has built his business on the firm foundation of his Christian faith and works tirelessly to help fellow believers remove obstacles that prohibit their ...
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Leading Matters #58 Lexi Mills

Lexi Mills is my guest today on Leading Matters. She is a master at integrating SEO and PR. No, seriously she is masterful at the practice, and if you listen to this episode, you will understand why that is true. Lexi views her craft as part art and part science ...
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Leading Matters #57 Dean Vagnozzi

Today's guest on Leading Matters is Dean Vagnozzi, a prolific salesman and incredibly successful personal finance professional. Dean's field is littered with status quo advisors that go about their business serving clients the same way every other advisor serves. Dean is unapologetically different, and that has made all the difference ...
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jeroen corthout on leading matters with joel capperella

Leading Matters #56 Jeroen Corthout

Jeroen Corthout is on a mission to use technology not simply to automate but to inject humanity back into the sales process. He has co-founded Salesflare, a CRM SaaS offering, that is focused on making it easy for sales to do their job. A much more tactically focused deep dive ...
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Leading Matters #55 Matthew McDarby

Matt McDarby, a top notch sales leadership coach, is today's guest on Leading Matters. It is essential, he says, to trust the sales process. Marketing can and should help sales reps have more of the right conversations to answer one key question; where is my prospect in their decision making? ...
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