Wisdom is a currency that is substantially undervalued today. Not surprising when you consider the current media climate of instant reaction and immediate satisfaction, and wisdom has much more to do with patience and time. The much-maligned millennial generation is not that different than generations before them; they have just been weened on immediate satisfaction of curiosity and want. Somewhere along the line, the idea of valuing experience has lost its luster.

When Ursula Ringham was on episode #64 of Leading Matters what was clear that her ability to rapidly advance upon re-entering the workforce after a five-year hiatus was the learned and earned wisdom that she has accumulated.

This episode is must listen for both leaders who want to get more from their team and learn how to better share their knowledge and experience. The episode is also a must listen for anyone under the age of 40; newsflash you have lots to learn still. The great news about what awaits your learning journey is that feeding off of the wisdom of others is the best way to nurture your own. And the with wisdom comes greater flexibility over how you manage your career aspirations, and how you positively affect the mission that you are on.

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