Creating Content That Keeps the Customer’s Value Centric

I love when I see someone stepping out on a limb to take a shot at some original content creation. Firing up the camera on their phone and shooting a video, tapping out their first 500-word blog post, or piecing together some creative attempt at visual content. I love it when companies take that same risk, empowering their employees to share, promote and engage. It might not be the best content in the world, but it is authentic. It is represented by a strong desire to share and communicate. Not to gain.

There is one type of content, though, that I must admit I really can’t stand. It is the self-indulgent shallow waste of digital space that serves no other purpose than to puff up the ego of the creator. Sure it is frequently veiled in ‘major keys’ and ‘value bombs,’ the frequent intentional malapropism of the hustle and grind content hustlers, but the self-proclaimed value rarely shows up. What does show up? Jump-cuts and some SoundCloud hip hop.

Now, to be honest, I get tempted frequently to produce to suit my own tastes first, so I am first to admit that I have to constantly be on guard of over and self-indulgent content creation. But how do we avoid self-indulgence? By placing the needs of the content consumer first.



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