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Who is the target for Inflection Methods content?  The short answer is ANYONE who wants to do whatever they can to help make a product or service successful.

That is a little parochial however, so I thought I’d take up a couple of words to answer more specifically.

Segment Focus

Business to Business: While I would imagine that the methods discussed here would work in SEGMENTSsome instances of consumer marketing and product management I can’t say that for sure. Our experience is exclusively in B2B and we write from that perspective

Size Focus

The methods will and have been applied to business of all sizes. Here is how Infection methods will help companies of varying sizes.

Unfunded Startups: This is perhaps one of the more exciting elements of our work. For entrepreneurs that have the idea identified but perhaps not fully developed Inflection Methods help to inject order and priority into the effort. Doing so helps the idea’s vision come into focus and accelerates the revenue generating opportunity.

Funded Startups: For entrepreneurs that have been through a round or two of funding Inflection Methods help direct investment across the board. From prioritization of immediate product development requirements to aggressive account development strategies that help close business quickly.

Small Business: More mature small businesses gain insight on shaking up their status quo. From innovating an existing product, extending the life of another, or increasing the average deal size, Inflection Methods introduce new perspectives on the established model.

Mid to Large Enterprise: Inflection Methods in larger national or global organizations tend to be more specifically focused, advancing the revenue goals of products across vertical or horizontal targets. Some examples of how Inflection methods have been applied successful include optimizing agile development methodologies to ensure marketing requirements are clearly defined and communicated; integrating product management with well orchestrated product marketing launch; introducing formal ‘go-to-market’ strategy development; increasing the ability of the technical sales support team to tell the story; leveraging social media strategies to ensure maximum return, and even creating more targeted merger and acquisition strategy.

Reader Focus

Business Leadership: Any leader at any level who has influence over the development, delivery, or sale of products and services

Marketing Leadership: Inflection Methods are inherently marketing oriented. Marketing Leaders typically report success in leveraging Inflection Methods to help drive and execute strategy

Sales Leadership: Tension between marketing and sales teams is a symptom of a poorly integrated product/service development and life cycle plan. Sales leaders report that Inflection Methods have helped to aggressively target the most opportunistic area of their pipeline and work in concert with their development and marketing teams.

Entrepreneurs: Fledgling or serial entrepreneurs have told us that Inflection Methods have served to drive focused effort to the areas of their effort that are most likely to result in revenue.

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