Episode 1: Invest in the Relationship & Build the Narrative

Introducing a new feature today – CAP’S CAR CAST.  It is a simple concept, just some short clips on recent thoughts, examples and actions that business and marketing leaders can take to improve their approach.

In this first episode I am discussing why I dig the work of Gary Vaynerchuk.  He nails the reality of the shifting media landscape, what to do about it and how to capitalize on it.  To successfully market and sell today business leaders have to care about the relationship way ahead of a sales opportunity, and invest in building an honest and helpful narrative.

p.s. I’m mindful that some might suggest that recording in the car might not be prudent.  I don’t feel it any different than a hands free conversation, and believe me with 8 children to parent I am keeping safe.  At some point I’ll show you the set up.

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