Content Marketing Frequency Matters

How many times did you hit your social feeds today? Five? Ten? More than that? Now think of the most memorable piece of content that from all of that scrolling? Place it in your mind, focus on what it was that caught your eye, made you stop to read, or motivated you to click to read beyond the headline. Now, and here is the most important part, what was the source of that piece of content. Who posted it? If it was a friend who posted it can you recall the source of origin?

My bet is that while it was easy to recall the content that had grabbed your attention, the secondary or content-marketing-frequencyprimary source completely eludes you. In fact even as you just read that last sentence you are most likely having a feeling of sudden awareness that you have absolutely no idea where that piece of ‘unforgettable’ news or meme came from.

Now if you are having trouble recalling the source of something memorable, why would you think that the intended audience of your content marketing would suddenly remember something memorable that you produced? They won’t. And this is why you need to produce more content. It was also a recent topic of conversation of a recent Car Cast episdoe.

Consistency is key, but not just consistency but frequency. You have to produce more content, and you have to pump it out as frequency as possible. I don’t care what your intent of the content is the bottom line is that for it to be relevant at all to the effort of promoting your business or selling your wares, you have to have lots of it.

New exercise that will hammer this point home a little bit more; think about that one go-to source of information or inspiration that you enjoy. It might be Gary Vaynerchuk, a Grant Cardone, maybe someone that is more finely tuned to your industry or your line of work. Do you want to know what the common denominator is for any of those folks? Volume. They are seemingly everywhere all the time.

Volume matters maybe even more than quality. Now don’t get me wrong here, quality is the ultimate arbiter of whether or not your content will increase your awareness and help you drive more sales opportunities, but effectively doing both demands volume. The necessity of both volume and quality of content is what sends people’s anxiety through the roof. “WHAT?!?” they say to themselves, “not only does my content have to not suck, but I have to create a lot of it too?!?”

Yes, ultimately that is the only way that content is going to make some impact for you. So there is on reason to avoid getting to the business of creating more and improving your ability to create quality. The antidote is to create. To tap out a couple of hundred words on some regular schedule. To hit record on your smartphone to capture some video. To figure out how to post video on Youtube, Instagram or Facebook.

You can stay fixed in your fear, or you can get busy creating.

Is there really any choice?

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