Content Marketing Works Only When You Own the Story

On today’s drive, we get into the necessity of owning your story. Truly owning it and making that ownership a priority. Why? Because we have something that we believe in, and something we know makes a difference in the lives of our customers. If you can’t say that, then start right there and discover why you can’t speak that way about your offerings. But if you can say that then you need to get busy about the story telling of your unique perspective.

This means content. Lots of it. And there are three pitfalls that will keep you away from the very important work of story ownership.

The Climb is Too Steep: It takes effort to drive content. Lots of it. Too often we give up on it when the reality of the time and energy to get content right becomes clear to us.

Only the Metrics Matter: Metrics do matter, but creating for the express purpose of driving the metrics is a mistake. This results in a watered-down storyline. A storyline that isn’t going to compel many to take action.

Handoff: The effort is difficult, the metrics are addictive, and we believe we can get outside help to jack up our volume. Creative agencies work, but we can’t hand over the story to them. We have to collaboratively invite them in to help us make our story better.


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