Leading Matters #60 Grant Baldwin

There is a hidden treasure chest of value that can be mined from the rapidly growing online coaching industry and Grant Baldwin shares it today as my guest on Leading Matters.

The online business, coaching and e-learning industry is huge at $107 Billion dollars. And that estimategrant-bladwin-interview-joel-capperella-leading-matters was two years ago right about when LinkedIn acquired online learning super site Lynda. It has grown, by some estimates, at nearly a 15% to 20% clip since then. Buried within that gigantic market is a $2 Billion dollar sub-industry of coaching. This is where our guest today, Grant Baldwin woks with his online coaching course for would be public and keynote speakers.

What is fascinating about the coaching slice of the e-learning industry is that the very successful practitioners have mastered the art of strategy and execution at very discrete levels. Grant, for instance, runs incredibly engaging and successful webinars that he uses to drive demand for his course. That is why I wanted to have him on the show; he runs the webinar better than most. His tactical execution mastery of his overall strategy is clearly on display in every online event he runs. And I wanted to explore that a little bit.

What you’ll find when you listen to the episode is that the detailed levels of focused productivity and management of quarterly tactical goals are the fuel behind Grant’s brilliance.

The takeaway for leaders? (1) The strategy is only as good as your ability to execute and (2) Real honest to goodness productivity is the single greatest enabler of success.

Very happy to bring this episode to you today and I know you’re going to learn a thing or two. Let Grant know you heard it, and share it with someone you know who will gain value from hearing Grant’s insight.

Show Notes
You can check out Grant’s next webinar here – worth the listen just for his webinar expertise and engagement alone: freespeakerworkshop.com
Grant’s online home; The Speaker Lab

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