Leading Matters #41 Wil Reynolds, Seer

Today on Leading Matters you will meet Wil Reynolds, the CEO of Seer a global digital marketing agency he founded in 2002. Wil offers insight into some of the moments of clarity that have helped him build his agency successfully and consistently.

So thankful to Wil for being on the show. He was incredibly honest and willingly offers insight into his personal growth that has fueled the success of his company. From the realization that diversity is about much more than being a ‘nice’ company to having the courage to zig when the rest of an industry is zagging. Enjoy, and please share it with your network. They’ll thank you.
SEO Practitioners Have to Grow Up
For far too long SEO experts have taught clients why they should care about page wil reynolds seer leading mattersrank. Along the way, no one seemed to ask whether or not rank was the right measure to track.

Content Strategies Are the Long Play
No matter what your marketing automation software vendor has to say about it using content to educate and connect with your buyers is a long-term strategy that may (or may not) produce near-term success. Those that make the most from content have the most patience.

Audience over Algorithms
Wil admits that he also chased search engine ranking gold. But a funny thing kept happening; the smarties at Google stayed one step ahead of his efforts. So he decided to stop trying to outsmart the smarties and focused in on relentlessly understanding his audience.

Sharing Knowledge is Freeing (and helps you to serve better)
Once free from chasing the arbitrary metric of search engine results position Wil was free to lead Seer to become first and foremost a sharer of SEO wisdom and knowledge. It has made all the difference.

Staying True to Values Might Mean Saying No
Yes, Seer will say no to a potential client if the client has no interest in holding Seer accountable for helping drive revenue growth.

For the Team to Internalize Values the Leader Must Live Them
If Seer didn’t say no to a client that didn’t match their ethos, then the values and culture are at risk of being rendered meaningless.

Diversity Isn’t About Being Nice
When Wil understood that ketchup is stored differently depending on where you are in the world, he realized the true value and power of diversity.

It is the Agency’s Job to Help the Client Understand the Why
Wil offers a great example of how Seer educates clients (especially early on in the relationship), and how that education impacts Seer’s ability to deliver the most value to the clients.

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