Leading Matters #54 Matt Marr

Matt Marr is perhaps one of the most interesting guests ever to be on Leading Matters, and if you take a look at our guest list that is saying something. He uses his masters degree in clinical phycology to help his clients own their personal stories, hosts a popular podcast, is an actor and comedian.

I can’t quite put my finger on what it is about Matt Marr that makes him so accessible and naturally charismatic, but if I had to try I’d say it is his sincerity coupled with a genuine desire to do his part to live the values that his loving family bestowed upon.  He is the sort of man that you are proud to tell others that you know, and one that you will be eager to learn more about after this brief introduction.

What you’re going to get from this conversation with Matt is a challenge.  A challenge to know who you are, really know it, and to live out your gifts more perfectly than you were the moment before you hit play on this 35 minute interview.  Leadership, that is what we discuss on Leading Matters, and Matt is leading his life with courage, determination, passion, and empathy.


Why Do Our Personal Stories Matters?
Matt is schooled in Narrative Therapy, which helps his clients take a step out of their lives to look at it more objectively.  To view it as a director might view how his great artistic effort is unfolding.  This matters because, he suggests, it empowers us to gain greater control over the things that inhibit our growth.

Embracing the Positive is Power
When we make a conscious decision to choose the positive aspects of who we are we find ourselves MATT-MARR-DEAR-MATTIE-ON-LEADING-MATTERSempowered to gain more from those natural gifts.

99% of the Greats Work the Hardest
Sometimes Matt hears actors suggest they hate the business side of acting. His advice to them would be to consider leaving the profession, because great acting that seeks success requires an appreciation of how the business of acting works.

Our Personal Strengths Can Be Frightening
We all have strengths, no matter how large or small, there are things that we are better at than others in some way.  Embracing those strengths can be intimidating for some.  We have to face that fear down and let ourselves go to our own talents.

Choose Hope
A cliché?  Perhaps, but when you hear Matt’s story about how hope was embedded into his personhood, and when it served him, you’ll appreciate why hope is such a powerful motivator.

Shutting Down Conversation Serves No One
We are living in volatile political times.  We are surrounded by an echo chamber of the opinions and sentiments that we find pleasing.  As we grow more aggressive about keeping it that way, Matt consciously chooses to disrupt that comfort zone in an effort to better understand those that don’t see things his way.

Share Your Blessings
DJ Khaled has nothing on Matt Marr.  He’s blessing up those he meets as frequently as possible.  Why?  Because the good fortune of having a caring and loving family has armed him with the strength to take some slings and arrows for those that didn’t have the kind of support he did growing up.

Show Notes
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