Leading Matters #58 Lexi Mills

Lexi Mills is my guest today on Leading Matters. She is a master at integrating SEO and PR. No, seriously she is masterful at the practice, and if you listen to this episode, you will understand why that is true. Lexi views her craft as part art and part science and treats it with the respect that she feels everyone should treat the power of how we communicate and push our narratives. You will absolutely learn something by listening to this episode with Lexi Mills.

Lexi Mills Interview Highlights

Public WiFi Might Be More Than You Bargain For
Search algorithms are smart, smarter than you realize. And oh, by the way, the terms and conditions on that public WiFi you’re so quick to access just might be following your offline behavior to allow searchlexi-mills-interview to become even smarter.

Why Tribal Communications Might Be Worth Figuring out
We are not reading a whole lot these days, and we are paying attention even less. But we have to communicate; we have to push our narrative. So how do we do it? Perhaps considering the way tribal cultures capture their audience with powerful stories.

Could Our Attention Deficit Actually Drive More Personal Interaction?
Yes, our attention deficit is growing larger on the daily, but Lexi sees it as potentially coming full circle to a point where the desire for more leads us to seek real live personal connectivity.

Diversity of Thought Actually Breads Influence
Lexi sees the social media landscape as a universe of little filter bubbles, where we each live in a bubble of our own making. Created by our clicks, likes, retweets, etc. Unleashing the force of influence happens when we are successful at bursting through those bubbles.

How to You Play the Long Game?
You increase your employee engagement and make working together a top priority.

Broken Culture is Very Hard to Rebuild
Leaders that are successful in getting their employees engaged and working together for both the short and the long term always prioritize how they are bringing talent into the organization. (You should read that again because far too many leaders are not nearly as involved in their talent acquisition as they should be) Why is this a priority for these leaders? Because it builds the right culture which drives the right level of collaboration and growth. Once culture is broken, Lexi warns, it is very difficult to rebuild.

Purpose Matters –  Company Purpose and Individual Purpose
Yes, company purpose matters. Unless we can connect company purpose to an individual employee’s sense of purpose, however, we might not be very successful in having our employees adopt company purpose as their own.

Your Language and Words Make a Difference
If you can’t simply and quickly explain your why you are going to get further and further behind. Lexi is currently researching just how quickly new concepts and words are being adopted at a mainstream level because she knows the power that words have upon successful communication.

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