More About Media And Less About Social

Controversial statement alert (to be read in your best DJ Khaled) Media is more important than social media. That is the topic of Cap’s Car Cast today – #letsdrive

Much more to come on this, but this two-minute episode is an important first salvo to underscore why the media in social media ought to be prioritized higher than the social. The intent is not to suggest that the social elements of that we have at our communication finger tips should be ignored. Quite the contrary. With a solid media strategy in place, our social becomes more ingrained in everything we do. Our personality comes through much more clearly, we can integrate our media across every aspect of who we are as a business, and we slowly can own a slice of not just our particular message but indeed of our entire industry and marketplace.

So YES the social matters, but it doesn’t matter at all if we do not appreciate understanding of how far we can take our media ownership.

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