Talent Acquisition Begins with Marketing

Is talent acquisition and marketing an odd combination to talk about?  Well it might be if you look at marketing as a tactical necessity (and let’s be clear it is). If, however, you look at marketing as the strategic pulse of where you are guiding your efforts and how you are going to capture growth then talent acquisition goes hand in hand with marketing.

Ride along in this episode for more and read some more thoughts below.

Connecting Talent Acquisition and Strategic Marketing

To make sure that our talent acquisition process is adequately considered in our planning cycles it is important to evaluate what our attitude is about the importance of the workforce.  And let’s be clear here, everyone believes that their workforce is important, but what we have to do is take a very frank personal inventory of how we treat our employees, our teams, and our colleagues.  In doing so we will identify the internal attitude where our talent is concerned.

The next step is to look not at the talent acquisition process, but the strategic talent-acquisitionplanning process.  Is the planning process a top down edict of double digit growth, or is it a well thought out strategic targeting of marketplace aligned with available and planned services or products.  Only if the strategic marketing process is the latter can we properly evaluate the talent necessities required to achieve our goals.

Finally we look to our talent acquisition process and determine if we are making efforts to narrate the story of employment with our company into that process.  If we are not that is the first place to start.  If we are then we must evaluate how well connected we are to the talent communities that matter to our workforce.

The result will be an improved talent acquisition process, a sound marketing strategy, better execution, and higher level of employee engagement.

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